Packages and Services

Are you ready to transform?

I help people work through fears, traumas, blocks and get to the root of what is energetically holding them back so they can deeply heal and move forward in their life.

I also work with holistic coaches and practitioners to transform limiting subconscious beliefs and fears so they can offer their gifts with confidence and get paid what they are worth. 

Subconscious Empowerment Session

Remote Subconscious Empowerment / Energy Healing Session

Are you afraid to step into your full power?  Maybe you have nagging fears and doubts in your life?  Do you experience low self esteem or feelings of worthlessness? Have you ever tried to get healthy or lose weight but couldn’t bring yourself to make the changes you consciously wanted to? Maybe you have recurring fears and traumas that nag at your mind constantly and are really getting in the way of a full life? Have you been feeling stuck in life?  Like you are driving with the brakes on and something is holding you back but you don’t know what?  Perhaps you have allergies or other food sensitivities or are experiencing other physical health problems?

All of these things and more can be greatly improved and even sometimes instantly shifted easily and painlessly! In this session we will dig through your subconscious mind to find the hidden reasons behind who you are and why you are stuck. I will teach you muscle testing so we can talk to your subconscious and then use energy healing to make instant and permanent shifts to your beliefs and energy field.

I infuse all of these session with my blend of practical coaching advice and strategies where appropriate to help you achieve your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation goals.

Most sessions are about an hour but leave an extra 20 mins as sometimes we need to go longer. 

Single Session – $150
Includes: ~60 minute Subconscious Empowerment / Energy Healing session

Subconscious Empowerment 3 Session Package

3 Session Package – Subconscious Empowerment / Energy Healing

I find that my clients that have the best results commit to 3 and 6 sessions.  We all have a lifetime of baggage that we have accumulated in our subconscious, body and energy field.  Most people I find have 6 or 7 big things lurking down there that are putting the brakes on in their life, draining their energy and providing a huge block to moving forward.  I encourage you to commit to this work so you can get the best possible outcome in your life!  To encourage this, I offer a $75 discount off my normal rates on a 3 session package.

Package of 3 Sessions for $375
Includes 3: ~60 minute Subconscious Empowerment / Energy Healing sessions

Ready to Transform?

No matter what your health goals are, I can help you get there by clearing the limiting subconscious beliefs, traumas and energies keeping you stuck and coaching you to make small daily habit changes that move you away from disease and towards abundant health.

I am currently offering new clients a Free 20 minute Discovery Session to understand your unique challenges and find out if we are a good fit to work together.