Relationship Circles

I discovered this powerful tool to organize all of the people in your life and see where they fit (and if you even want them in your life). Relationships (like old beliefs) tend to stick around for the long term and often we never go back and check to see if they are actually working for us or something we actually want in our lives. Some become downright toxic overtime, while others keep open loops in our subconscious for people we haven’t seen in 30 years. Also if you are on a journey of self improvement, spirituality or higher consciousness/vibration you will often not be an energetic match for some of the people on your journey and a little spring cleaning can be liberating.

Here’s the tool:

Take out a piece of paper and draw a small circle in the middle with a little #1.
Then draw 4 more circles around it. Label each of these #2,3,4,5. Finally flip the page over and put a #6.

Now start thinking of ALL of the MAIN people in your life. Think back to being a kid, high school, university, family gatherings each decade for the holidays, the last year of who you hung out with, who you hung out with the last few places you lived, people you dated, who you talk to weekly online or in person, etc….  Start writing their names in each of the various circles (based on how you feel about them NOW).

  1.  should be your current best friend(s) and partners. (not always family haha).
  2.  could be people you like a lot, but maybe don’t see so often, or live farther away.
  3. are solid friends/family but you have grown a bit distant or you always know they will be there for you, just only see them once in a while or online.
  4.  is for acquaintances or perhaps long ago friends or maybe people that you have become more distant with over time.
  5.  is for those facebook friends or people you see once every 20 years but still consider a friend and managed to pop into your mind while doing this exercise.

Feel free to define each of your #’s in whatever way you want, but this gist is a spectrum from #1 closer to #5 farther away. Also some people may want to pick a circle intuitively.

Now flip the page over and put in #6 anyone that you have identified as being abusive, toxic, or that you have decided you really don’t want in your life anymore. You may not have anyone in this category, but it is powerful to name them out directly.

Finally, I added my own twist to this and I add little circles around people’s names that I want to have a deeper relationship with or put more energy into. I also added Little arrows next to a few people either pointing inwards or outwards. The goal of this is to identify relationships I want to nurture or deprioritize.

Bonus: Make a memorial #7 section on the back for people or pets that are deceased and that meant a lot to you and spend a few minutes thinking about them, blessing them and consciously letting them go.

The main benefits of this exercise:

  1.  it brings a LOT of clarity to your relationships and helps you make them intentional.
  2.  it identifies toxic people to avoid
  3. it identifies people to nurture and make more of an effort with
  4.  it frees up a LOT of psychic and subconscious energy as you “let go” of some of these relationships and realize they have their own little place and don’t need any of your attention (I am looking at you #4, 5 and definitely 6 which should be  just cut off)

I hope you found this tool useful. Share your experience in the comments if you tried it and what you noticed.

If you are looking to let go of old energies, transform negative and limiting believes and painless drop that developmental trauma, make sure to book a session with me.  It has been life transforming for many people and I am committed to helping as many people I can to live their best lives so they can offer their unique gifts to make this world a better place.