“Whatcha gonna do?”

One of the characters in a cartoon show I watch is fond of saying this catchphrase. It seems so simple on the surface, but there is a lot of depth and wisdom in these simple words.

One one hand, they can be seen as shrugging and giving up, or more precisely allowing, surrendering and letting go which are all powerful healing and spiritual states.

The other meaning is really a question and a challenge! What are you going to do? It’s a call to action without judgement. It’s a curious question with the subtle inference that it’s your choice and you can decide to take action, to make a small change in your life, to recommit to your goals and dreams or your daily healing habits.

What I particularly like about this is that it showcases the dichotomy of doing and being. Sometimes, when you are feeling horrible, and laying curled up in a ball having a detox reaction, you need to just shrug and say “Whatcha gonna do?” But other times, maybe you need to let go of just spinning your wheels in the rut you are in and rise to the challenge and declare to the universe What you are prepared to do! What changes are you going to make and stick with? What new mini habits can you form this year that move you towards that upwards spiral of health?

As we approach the New Year filled with resolutions, inspiration, and hope for a fresh start and renewed health, I ask you “Whatcha gonna do?”